Answer 6 questions on a selected CL match and win up to €10.000
Terms & Conditions

How Do You Play?

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    Log into your BWIN account now to start playing or click here to register

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    Answer the 6 questions regarding the selected CL match

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    Predict the correct answers to win your share of the €10.000 prize pool!


Where can I view the full Terms & Conditions?

You can read the full Terms & Conditions here

If you've ever made a deposit with us it is completely free. If you haven't yet made a deposit, you will need to do so before you can answer the 6 questions.

Log in to your bwin account. If you don't have an account, simply register. Please note, in order to answer the 6 questions, you will need to have made at least one deposit with us.

The prize pool is €10.000 per game day for correctly answering all 6 questions. In the event of multiple winners the prize pool will be shared equally. Players who answered 5/6 questions correctly will receive a €5 FreeBet.

The jackpot will be available on every game day during the CL group stage, for a total of 12. You'll be given one chance to submit your answers to the 6 questions for each game day, but you'll be allowed to change your answers as often as you like until the selected game kicks-off.

You can contact us via Livechat and email. Please find more information on how to contact us here..

Build A Bet is a new feature from bwin that allows you to combine selections from the same match into a single bet with bigger returns.

You can participate every game day until kick-off of the selected game.

You can change your answers as often as you like until kick-off of the selected game.

You'll have to answer all 6 questions and submit your answer in order to participate in a game. If you abort without answering all 6 questions and submitting your answers, you will not participate in the round.